Sunday, March 27, 2016

Gallery 621 artists put spin on spring in new exhibit

(Originally published in the 3/27/16 edition)

   Ah, spring. It is a season that provides a respite from the winter chill while giving people a moment of relief before the hot summer weather. Spring also is the time of year in which nature comes alive in the most bright and colorful ways imaginable.
   The colorful tones of spring lend themselves nicely for artists’ interpretations- and that is just what the artists of Gallery 621 have done in its new exhibit. 
   Starting April 7, the First Street art gallery will be presenting “Spring Offering,” a showcase of all its members interpretations of the vernal season. This is the first time Gallery 621 has done a spring show, and it comes just a few months after “Rain: Art Inspired by Winter,” in which artists interpreted the previous season. According to member Linda Stevenson Dunlop, this exhibit will coincide with Gallery 621’s reopening at its new location at 309 First St.
   “We’re going to continue with our reputation of having really exciting shows,” she said. “This will be a good launch for the new season.” 
   The exhibit will feature works by established member artists like Dunlop, Nikki Basch-Davis, Stephen Schumm, Shirley Hazlett, Robert Nelson, Lee Wilder Snider, Kathy Oja and Jerrold Turner and newer members like Lafayette artist Michael Dadasovich, New York-based artist Marjorie Lutz and Arts Benicia’s Cherry Moore. 
   “I’ll be having a large-scale iris pastel, which is quite unusual for me because usually I do abstract that’s more representational,” Dunlop said. 
   Additionally, Snider will be exhibiting paintings of outdoor scenes, Nelson will be showing 3-D work and Oja will have emotional and abstract floral work. 
   “I haven’t seen anything other than Kathy’s piece that we have on fliers,” Dunlop said. “But I know their work traditionally, so I’m very excited to see what they’re working on.”
   Overall, Stevenson believes the exhibit will be a good way to usher people into the new season.
   “This is a ‘Spring Offering’ show to launch everybody into feeling bright for the season and into summer and enjoy the springtime expression of who they are.”

   “Spring Offering” will run from Thursday, April 7 through Sunday, May 29 at Gallery 621, located at 309 First St. The hours are noon to 6 p.m., Thursdays through Sundays. A reception will be held from 5 to 8 p.m., Saturday, April 9. All exhibiting artists will be hosting a meet and greet, and sandwiches will be served. For more information, visit

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