Saturday, October 17, 2015

Benicia Planning Commission to consider new fitness center

(Originally published in the 10/6/15 edition. The original draft repeatedly misspelled Amy Iungerich's last name. Also, apologies for the font. I typed this in a different program and can't seem to change it.)

A permit to open a 5,460-square-foot fitness center 
will be up for city review.
   Benicia Planning Commission will vote to adopt a resolution permitting the operation of Jute CrossFit, a health and fitness center to be located at 6000A-6002 Egret Court, at its regular meeting Thursday.
   The center, proposed by applicant Alan Bates of 
Bates Enterprises, will be an independently owned gym that uses minimal equipment, according to a company report.The studio will accommodate up to 15 students for group classes throughout the day with an open gym 
available for one to five individuals when group classes are not in session, according to a report by 
Assistant Planner Amy Iungerich. 
   However, before the center can open, it must be 
determined to be exempt from the California 
Environmental Quality Act.
   Section 15301 concerns the alteration of existing 
facilities. Since Jute CrossFit would be operating out of Drake Business Center located on the northeast 
corner of Egret Court and Lake Herman Road, it would 
have to be determined that the new business won't 
expand the commercial uses of the building it would 
   Additionally, the project would have to comply with Benicia's zoning ordinance, which states that the 
proposed location fits with the purposes of the 
district in which the site is located.
   According to Iungerich, the project is consistent 
with these requirements.
   The zoning that the property falls under is 
classified as "Limited Industrial," which allows for a health and fitness studio, according to Lungerich.
   "This health and fitness studio provides a 
commercial use to an established industrial center 
with a mix of commercial and industrial uses," 
Iungerich wrote.
   The multi-unit building on Egret Court that would 
house Jute CrossFit has space for four tenant units 
which have had a variety of uses since it was built in 1991, Iungerich wrote.However, the approximately 
22,000-square-foot building is mostly vacant. The 
center's sole tenant is Delta Deli, a 1,000-acre 
sandwich shop that has been located at 6000 Egret 
Court since 2008, Iungerich wrote.
   Bates was required to complete a parking survey to determine parking usage at the center during various 
times of the day, Iungerich wrote. The most number of spaces occupied was three during Delta Deli's 
lunchtime hours. On Saturday, when Delta Deli wasn't 
open, not a single car was parked in the parking lot 
during the 10 a.m. hour.
   Jute CrossFit's proposed hours of operation will be 5 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays and 
noon to 7 p.m. on Saturdays. 
   "Based on the parking study, the tenant mix at 6000-6014 Egret Court, and the proposed schedule which 
occurs during peak and off-peak hours, staff has 
concluded that the parking demand generated by Jute 
CrossFit can be accommodated in the shared site 
parking," Iungerich wrote.
   In other business, planning consultant Gerry 
Raycraft will be reading a letter on behalf of Solano Family & Children's Services.
   Benicia Planning Commission will meet at 7 Thursday night in the Council Chamber of City Hall, 250 East L St.

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