Friday, October 16, 2015

City Council to consider bids for Measure C pothole project

(Originally published in the 10/16/15 edition of the Herald. Yes, I know I got the headline wrong in the print edition.)

   Mere hours after Benicians celebrate the first completed Measure C project- the renovated playground at Benicia Community Park- another Measure C project regarding sidewalk repair will go before City Council at its regular meeting Tuesday.
   The restoration of downtown sidewalks is the next project in line for Measure C, a revenue initiative that set aside $4 million for projects that would improve the quality of life for Benicians. The measure was approved by citizens in 2014.
   The project would aim to fix around 250 potholes throughout the city, according to a report written by Public Works Director Graham Wadsworth. Much of the repairs would be in the older area of Benicia, south of Interstate 780. Streets include West I Street, West J Street, West 3rd Street and more.
   “The repaired pavement will provide a smoother road surface for vehicles and bicycles,” Wadsworth wrote. “The work will also prepare the streets for future surface treatments, such as slurry seal or micro-surfacing, by providing a stable road base.”
   The next step will be to find a bidder for construction contracts. The project was advertised Sept. 4 with bids due Sept. 18, Wadsworth wrote. The project didn’t receive any bids during that time. However, when it was advertised again to a larger group of contractors with bids due Oct. 5, three bidders applied.
   Unfortunately, Wadsworth wrote, all of the bids exceeded the project’s $192,000 budget. 
   The bids were put forth by G.D. Nielson Construction out of Napa, Vintage Paving Company out of Winters and DRT Grading and Paving out of Sunol. 
    Wadsworth says the Public Works Department would be willing to work with DRT Grading and Paving, the lowest bidder, if the amount were lowered to $174,964. 
   “It is in the city’s best interest to complete the project as soon as possible using the Measure C funding,” he wrote. “At this time, there is no economic advantage to rebidding the project.”
   Wadsworth recommends that City Council suspend competitive bidding and award the contract to DRT Grading. 
   In other business, the Council will vote to extend the contract for labor relations services to Renne Sloan Holtzman Sakai for the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 fiscal years. The Council will also introduce an amendment that would allow the Community Sensibility Commission to engage in fundraising activities.
   The Council will meet at 6 p.m. Tuesday in a closed session to discuss legal matters. The regular meeting will start at 7 that night in the Council Chamber of City Hall, 250 East L St.

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