Monday, June 20, 2016

SUMMER OF '09 ARCHIVES: Oh, those skateboarding rascals!

First of all, that is a terrible picture of me. I don't think there are any good pictures of me from this period, but I have to wonder what trick they were pulling to make my eyes do that.

Anyway, one of the requirements of my internship was to write an opinion piece on a city-related issue. I didn't have quite as much knowledge of city-related issues at that point, so I decided to do mine on the strict skateboarding laws. I'm quite happy with how this turned out, especially the research that went into it (I even talked to then-Councilmember Mike Ioakimedes, but it doesn't look like he made it into the article.) I should point out, however, that with a lot of my opinion pieces, my views evolve over time or I no longer feel the way I used to feel. This is one of those instances. Anybody nowadays trying to accuse me of encouraging reckless youth can relax. I don't feel as strongly about this now as I did back then (and I'm not sure how strongly I felt about it back then.) Still a good read.

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