Saturday, June 25, 2016

SUMMER OF '09 ARCHIVES: Published standalone pictures

I have exactly one article left to post, but I'll hold off on it for now. Today, I'd like to post some of the pictures I took that weren't part of any articles but rather were used to fill space.

The "Everybody loves a carnival" package has an interesting story behind it. On my way to work, I noticed what looked like a mini-carnival. I told Marc about it, and he had me go back out and grab some pictures of it. It was part of a summer camp put on by Benicia's Parks Department, and I got information on it from the coordinator.

The other three pictures came from a day when I wasn't really doing much, so Marc sent me out to shoot as many pictures of First Street as I could, and he'd publish them whenever he needed to fill space. I think the "Views of Benicia" pictures were actually published after I'd left. (By the way, the offer to take pictures and send them to is still valid. We do like having visuals on the front page.)

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