Thursday, January 5, 2017

Benicia Moms Group's Early Education Fair returns

 Preschool is an important milestone in every person’s life. It is when children take their first steps into the world of education. However, it can be a lot of work just to get started. Thankfully, as they have in the past, the Benicia Moms Group will be hosting an Early Education Fair to let parents know what to expect.
   According to Brittainy Sapien, a vice president of administration for Benicia Moms Group, the group first hosted a Preschool Fair in 2013 under the guidance of member Ann Brooner. It was also held in 2014 and 2015 but was canceled in 2016 due to a lack of resources and intesrest.
   “When we did not host the fair in 2016, we had heard a lot of feedback that people had missed the fair, so we knew that it was an important thing to bring back to the community,” Sapien said. 
   With the help of Benicia Unified School District and First 5 Solano, the Early Education Fair is back to provide information on preschool and kindergarten. Parents can have questions about preschool answered, meet with community resources and learn about activities and childcare for kids ages 5 and under. Benicia Unified representatives will also be on hand to talk about kindergarten preparedness. 
   Sapien said the event will also be a good opportunity for parents to learn what types of curriculum and recreational activities are available and various types of support services. 
   “We’ve received feedback from a lot of the agencies like Child Haven and others that Benicia has low enrollment in some of these services that many of these people are, in fact, qualified to receive,” she said. “We’re hoping that families are able to meet and greet with these agencies and actually realize that there’s a lot of services available to them. If they’re not aware, now they can become aware.”
   “We’re just hoping to facilitate this kind of meet-and-greet, one-stop shop for a lot of these families and hopefully get everything that they need set in line,” she added. 

   The Early Education Fair will be held from 1 to 3 p.m., Saturday, Jan. 14 at the Benicia High School gym, located at 1101 Military West. Refreshments and hands-on craft will be provided by Lakeshore Learning. This event is free and open to the community. For more information, email or call 297-3921. 

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