Sunday, January 8, 2017

GUEST POST: Jeff Burkhart's Rhyme and Reason: "My Home Movie"

By Jeff Burkhart

A film is always playing, in this theater in my head
The popcorn, coke and tickets, never cost me any bread

I’m starring in this feature, of my future and my past
I’m also the director, of the players in the cast

The genre seems to flip around, it’s all the same to me
From tragedy to action, to romantic comedy

Sometimes I escape my fate, and end up as a winner
Other times I stay out late, and do misdeeds with sinners

Censors never filter out, the violence or the sex
The twisting and the turning, of the plot is quite complex

Where is this all heading? I don’t know; it all depends
I’m not worried how… but when, my docu-drama ends

Jeff Burkhart’s “Rhyme and Reason”
© Copyright, January, 2017
All Rights Reserved

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